I love the whole process of working with clay: the sensual pleasure of the soft, wet clay in my hands; the force needed for wedging and centering; the calm flowing from the spinning wheel; the intellectual pursuit of glaze compositions; the technical challenge of producing beautiful forms and surfaces; and the potential my work has for giving pleasure to others.

I am most influenced by the forms of classic Oriental ceramics: Japanese tea bowls, sake cups, and Chinese vases and bowls of the Sung Dynasty.

I prefer smooth texture over rough.

I seek surface treatments that are varied and somewhat beyond my control: crystal growth that gives depth to glazes; crackle glazes with their varied patterns; color changes that occur when glazes are layered; and the varied surfaces that come with the use of wood ash, carbon trapping, smoke, and salt fuming.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss my work, or the craft in general!

About the Author

Linda is a potter.